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Branch Contacts

Don Morton, 
Regional Sales Manager – Northeast

Montreal, QC Flatbed, Step Deck & Drop Deck Trailer Services

Focused on delivering unparalleled customer service, Guy M. Turner, Inc.’s team of experienced professionals works with each of our clients to determine which of our trailers is best suited for a particular moving project. They have a selection of trailer categories to choose from, including flatbed, drop deck and step deck trailers in Montreal, QC.
Flatbed trailers, which are among the most versatile options for specialized transportation, can handle a range of cargo sizes and weights. Offering even greater handling capabilities for specialized loads than flatbeds, Guy M. Turner’s step deck trailers most often transport tall or oversized/over-dimensional loads.
Highly trained and with years of experience, our drivers are champions of safety and reliability when it comes to step deck transportation loads. As all of our equipment is company-owned and professionally maintained in-house, we are familiar with all of the tractors and trailers we use to handle lightweight and heavy loads. To best meet your specialized transportation needs, we can provide the following capabilities in the US and Canada, specifically in Montreal:
  • Flatbed
  • 2-axle flatbed extendable
  • Double drop extendable
  • 2-axle stepdeck
  • 4-axle stepdeck
  • 4-axle stepdeck extendable
  • RGN 3-axle double drop
  • RGN 4-axle double drop

Guy M. Turner, Inc.’s Specialized Transportation in Montreal

By way of our transportation division, Turner Transfer, we are able to transport items to and from locations all over the US and Canada, using step deck, drop deck and flatbed trailers. Cross-border movement is made easy through Guy M. Turner’s experienced permit department.
Guy M. Turner specializes in flatbed, drop deck and step deck transportation to areas around Montreal, QC, including Ontario, as well as throughout the US, from key locations in Pittsburgh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Charleston, Houston, Rock Hill, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Norfolk.