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Heavy Lift & Heavy Haul Transportation in Cincinnati, OH

Guy M. Turner, Inc. is committed to providing full-service heavy lift and heavy haul transportation customized to our clients’ specific project requirements. Whether you’re in need of heavy rigging for heavy machinery, including boilers, power transformers or other large equipment, we have the experience in heavy lifting to carry out your transportation and lift projects safely and efficiently.
Maintaining all of our company-owned equipment, we are able to tailor capabilities to suit your unique heavy lift project. Having been in the business for more than 90 years, Guy M. Turner is able to provide unmatched customer service and comprehensive heavy lift solutions, using the following pieces of equipment in Cincinnati, OH:
  • Jack and slide (hydraulic system with a capacity of 500 tons)
  • Gantry systems (28 to 1,000 tons)
  • 400-ton Goldhofer platform trailer
  • Goldhofer hydraulic line trailer
  • Goldhofer dual lane trailer
  • Goldhofer dual lane trailer with recessed deck
  • Goldhofer recessed deck trailer
  • Goldhofer self-propelled hydraulic platform trailer
Highly experienced at lifting and transporting a number of large pieces of machinery, we are well-acquainted with lifting power transformers, presses, heaters, turbines, generators, boilers and other complex equipment.

Unparalleled Heavy Haul & Heavy Lift Services from Guy M. Turner, Inc.

Guy M. Turner is the leading choice for transporting oversized items to any US or international location. Providing extensive lift and transportation services, from road transportation and barge service to loading and unloading railcars, we’re able to relocate, install and remove large pieces of machinery and equipment. With the help of our experienced super load permit staff and professional field crew members, we make heavy lift and heavy rigging projects simple and straightforward.
With their large loading areas and increased weight capacities, our specialized tractors and trailers are the best option for transporting heavy lift items. As Guy M. Turner has been in the heavy haul and heavy lift industry for several decades, we’ve acquired a full range of tractors and trailers to meet all of your heavy lift transportation needs with precision and care.

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Call our Cincinnati heavy lift specialists today at 800-369-5655 or 513-860-3226 to schedule your oversized equipment for heavy lift and transportation. You can also contact us online to request a detailed service quote. We look forward to working with you.
Guy M. Turner specializes in heavy lift projects nationwide, serving clients in Cincinnati, as well as in Hamilton, Middletown, Fairfield and Mason, from key locations in Baltimore, Pittsburgh Greensboro, Charlotte, Charleston, Norfolk, Rock Hill, Atlanta and Houston.