Every heavy rigging job is unique, so we make a custom plan.

Guy M. Turner provides heavy rigging and heavy haul transportation service. We specialize in hauling oversized items to any nation location nationwide—then lift, install, and assemble into place. Characteristic for heavy lift goods is the absence of standardization, which requires individual transport planning.

We offer complete service from loading and unloading railcars to road transport, as well as barge service. Our expert super load permit staff and experienced field crews make Guy M. Turner your first choice for heavy rigging projects.

Here are some of the items our heavy rigging experts have worked with.

  • Power transformers
  • Power generators
  • Turbines
  • Reactors
  • Boilers
  • Towers
  • Casting
  • Heaters
  • Presses
  • Locomotives
  • Boats
  • Satellites

We serve all the utilities and power generation companies on the East Coast.

We provide jack and slide, hydraulic gantry, and hydraulic line trailers (Goldhofer) for heavy rigging and heavy transport projects. We offer a wide range of products including: trailers of unlimited capacity, hydraulic gantries with up to 1000 ton capacity, and jack and slide capabilities of up to 500 tons.

Guy M. Turner transports heavy rigging items with special trucks, prime movers, or trailers.

These are especially suitable due to their large loading area and capacities. We employ special equipment with large-volume and extreme load capabilities of up to 125 tons on highways, or 500-ton capacity cranes. Transportation of heavy rigging items ranks among the most challenging and complex services in logistics and is only handled by specialized heavy rigging companies.

We’re continually adding new equipment.

To ensure our heavy rigging services are efficient and safe, we purchase the latest equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our warehouses can hold your equipment as long as you need.

We can store your equipment at any of our warehouses—in Greensboro, NC, and Rock Hill, SC (just outside of Charlotte, NC). With a total of over 500,000 square feet of space, we’re always ready to hold your equipment for any length of time.

Heavy rigging equipment

Heavy rigging projects

Each project presents a unique challenge. Our team has used its ingenuity to design and execute some extraordinary projects. Check some of our most compelling stories below.

Industries Served

Guy M. Turner serves every industry that involves heavy rigging requirements. Our long experience in heavy rigging means we know the unique challenges that each industry faces.

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We’re proud to support our industry’s best practices, and to be recognized for our adherence to the highest standards.