We design and perfect the plan using advanced software.

We have certified experts in 3D Lift Plan software who are adept at designing and creating lift plans for specific projects. Using that advanced crane lift plan software, we create an efficient and safe move before our equipment arrives on the job site. This advance work makes the project safer and more efficient. In addition, the precision of the plan enables us to provide detailed, accurate estimates.

Our certified expert is only 1 of 23 in the country. And 1 of 2 in North Carolina.

There are only two 3D Lift Plan certified experts in NC, and 23 in the entire country. That means that when you partner with us, you’ll be able to receive reliable estimates and services that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

We carry out the plan in the virtual world first.

Our use of specialized lift planning software like 3D Lift Plan developed by A1A Software, along with our certified expert planners, enables us to enter the virtual world of a jobsite. Using information provided by the customer and acquired by our experienced field personnel, we are able to visually simulate a complete lift in a 3D world from any angle before we ever mobilize our equipment onsite. This detailed picture allows us the opportunity to plan and troubleshoot the most problematic situations before they arise.

Safety is our #1 concern.

3D Lift Plan furnishes us the tools needed to ensure that our operators, personnel, and customers are prepared and informed prior to arrival on the job site. This creative solution provides us with the ability to create customized, creative rigging designs to ensure cost effective and safe lift operations.

Industries Served

Industries with frequent crane requirements consider us their go-to source. We speak your language, understand your requirements and know how to make the entire process fast and easy.


We’re proud to support our industry’s best practices, and to be recognized for our adherence to the highest standards.