Climate Control Trailer (5 Axle)


  • Ideal for hauling:
    • Paper mill rolls, rotor shafts
  • Our equipment is of the most applicable designs to ensure our ability to handle any machine roll up to 125 tons.
  • Temperature controlled
  • Heat comes from the front, circumvents around the haul/rotor
  • Maintains a constant temp in the winter up to ambient temp of 79 degrees
    • So that they can be utilized 24-36 hours sooner
    • Saves money and keeps downtime to a minimal
  • Well maintained
  • Sealed floors
  • Thermal side panels
  • Insulated top tarps – keeps it from freezing
  • Insulated internal tarps – for sub-zero weather – we’ll double insulate


We’re proud to support our industry’s best practices, and to be recognized for our adherence to the highest standards.