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Don Morton, 
Regional Sales Manager – Northeast

Montreal, QC Heavy Haul Transportation from Guy M. Turner, Inc.

With more than 90 years of experience delivering reliable heavy haul services, Guy M. Turner, Inc. proudly owns one of the largest specialized heavy haul transportation fleets in North America. Operating the best-equipped trailers and heavy haul services in Montreal, QC, we plan extensively for all specialized loads, working with our clients to understand the requirements and specifications of each shipment. After choosing the most appropriate trailer, Guy M. Turner’s team of engineers and estimators conducts detailed site and route surveys, acquiring the necessary transportation permits, as well, to further expedite delivery.

Full-Service Heavy Lift & Heavy Haul Transportation in Montreal

If you need assistance with a heavy haul project, count on the Montreal heavy haul transportation experts at Turner Transfer. To fulfill your project requirements, we own and maintain the following fleet of heavy haul trailers, capable of transporting as much as 500 tons:
  • Schnabel trailer
  • 9-axle trailer with 60-ton transformer deck and steerable dolly
  • 13-axle, 85-ton trailer
  • 13-axle stepdeck trailer
  • 19-axle, 125-ton trailer
  • 200-ton dual lane
  • Dolly trailer
Dedicated to customer satisfaction and safety, Guy M. Turner can help you complete a range of jobs, including shipside loading and more. With our comprehensive heavy haul and specialized transportation solutions, we provide competitive pricing and a number of turnkey services to ensure your transportation project goes off safely and efficiently.

Move Your Heavy Machinery & Equipment with Guy M. Turner Today

Guy M. Turner offers heavy haul transportation to clients in Montreal and around Quebec and Ontario, as well as in the US, from our terminals in Greensboro, Charlotte, Charleston, Houston, Rock Hill, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Norfolk.