Flatbed, Stepdeck, & Dropdeck

A Wide Variety of Flat Bed, Step Deck & Drop Deck Trailers

At Guy M. Turner, Inc., our team of experienced engineers select the best trailer for the customer’s needs, based on collaboration as to the specifications and details of the load. Flatbed trailers are among the most versatile vehicles used for specialized transportation. They’re designed to handle a wide range of sizes and weights of cargo, allowing us to offer you numerous configurations.

Step deck trailers provide more specialized handling than flatbed trailers can provide. We provide step deck trailers for tall or oversized/overdimensional shipments. We have a deep understanding and lots of experience when it comes to knowing the critical requirements for safe and secure step deck transportation loads.

Our drivers are experienced and highly trained, and can handle lightweight or heavy loads, as all of our company-owned equipment is professionally maintained in-house for reliability. To help us in our heavy transportation services, we utilize the capabilities of the following trailers through our hubs in the US and Canada:

  • Flatbed
  • 2-axle flat bed extendable
  • Double drop extendable
  • 2-axle step deck
  • 4-axle step deck
  • 4-axle step deck extendable
  • RGN 3-axle double drop
  • RGN 4-axle double drop

Full-Service Specialized Transportation in the US & Canada

With our fleet of tractors and trailers from Turner Transfer, our transportation division, we can transport items to and from many locations in the US and Canada. Our transportation capabilities are further expanded with the use of our step deck, drop deck and flatbed trailers across the country. Guy M. Turner has an experienced permit department in place to assist in obtaining the proper permits to move from state to state.

Guy M. Turner has the equipment and years of expertise to ensure your equipment or machinery is transported successfully. If you would like to learn more about our flatbed, drop deck and step deck trailers in states across the US, contact your nearest Guy M. Turner location at 800-334-9730 or complete the form below.

Guy M. Turner offers a wide range of specialized trailers, including step deck, drop deck and flatbed trailers, and additionally offers heavy haul and heavy lift services throughout the US and in Canada.