Custom Heavy Lift Services from Guy M. Turner, Inc.

At Guy M. Turner, Inc., we work to offer moving services that are customized to our clients’ complete needs. Whether you need to move a generator or you have a heavy haul project, we have the equipment and expertise in heavy lifting and heavy rigging to ensure a safe and effective move for your project through our numerous hubs nationwide.
Our company owns and maintains all of our equipment, offering specialty tractors, trailers, jack and slide equipment, hydraulic gantries and more to customize your heavy lift project. The team of engineers at Guy M. Turner have been in the business for many years, allowing us to provide impeccable customer service and deliver timely, safe, and reliable services. Our heavy lift equipment in the US includes:
  • Jack and slide (hydraulic system with a capacity of 500 tons)
  • Gantry systems (28 to 1,000 tons)
  • 400-ton Goldhofer platform trailer
  • Goldhofer hydraulic line trailer
  • Goldhofer dual lane trailer
  • Goldhofer dual lane trailer with recessed deck
  • Goldhofer recessed deck trailer
  • Goldhofer self-propelled hydraulic platform trailer
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We have capacities to lift a wide variety of heavy machinery with extreme attention to detail, including but not limited to power transformers, generators, turbines, boilers, presses, heaters and other complex equipment.


We specialize in hauling oversized items to any nationwide and international location, then lift, install and assemble into place. An important characteristic for heavy lift goods is the absence of standardization, which requires an individual transport planning.
We offer our customers a complete service from loading and unloading railcars to road transport, as well as barge service. Our expert super load permit staff and experienced field crews make Guy M. Turner, Inc. your first choice for heavy lift and rigging projects.
Guy M. Turner, Inc. transports heavy lift items with special trucks or trailers especially suitable due to their large loading area and capacities. Transportation of heavy lift items ranks among the most challenging and complex services in logistics and is only handled by specialized heavy lift companies.
As we’ve been in the heavy haul and heavy lift industry for more than 90 years, Guy M. Turner offers an unmatched level of expertise and exacting precision in our field. From heavy hauling to heavy lifting in the US, we offer moving services that are focused on safety and dependability.
Even after we complete your US heavy lift, we can utilize our heavy haul transportation services to move your equipment to its new destination. Rely on our expertise at Guy M. Turner to make your heavy lift project a success. Get started today by calling your nearest location or reaching out to our main office at 800-334-9730.
Guy M. Turner is proud to offer reliable heavy lift, heavy haul and crane service in many locations throughout the United States and Quebec to customers across the country and Eastern Canada.


We’re proud to support our industry’s best practices, and to be recognized for our adherence to the highest standards.